From Theatre for Development to Theatre as Development

Prof. Tim Prentki

Institution: University of Winchester, UK


This keynote considers the trajectory of TfD from the 1970s until today. The analysis will encompass the discourses around decolonization, the human rights framework and the aesthetic imperatives of the discipline. Core concepts for this analysis are democracy, participation, education and self-development. As well as taking account of the historical perspectives of TfD, the address will also attempt to look to the future and make a case for the role of TfD in a globalized world characterized by fragmentation, nationalism and inequality. Reference will be made to the theoretical influence of Brecht, Freire and Boal as well as milestone case-studies along the road of TfD.

Tim Prentki is Professor of Theatre for Development at the University of Winchester, UK where for many years he directed the MA in Theatre and Media for Development.